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          Epoxide detection alarm series

            FST-EO wall mounted alarm controller

          4.1.1 characteristics
          FST-EO series wall mounted gas alarm controller features:. Can input and output milli voltage signal or 4 ~ 20mA standard signal. Each circuit is relatively independent. It is free to choose connection 2~32 road two line, three line detector. Advanced embedded microcomputer technology. Automatic switching of main power supply, power supply undervoltage, power off alarm. Automatic supply of standby power supply Charging. It has the clock display function of the calendar. It can adjust the zero point and full degree by controlling the panel key. It can display the current signal of each detector. With the switch output function.
          4.1.2 technical parameters
          Installation method
          Disc or wall hanging
          Input signal
          Concentration unit
          Working point number
          3-32 point arbitrary combination
          Display mode
          Digital tube
          Display precision
          Zero point one
          Alarm mode
          audible and visual alarm
          working voltage
          Power waste
          Each loop is less than 3W
          Alarm output
          2 groups of passive contacts per Road (1A)
          ambient temperature
          -10--+55 C
          Ambient humidity
          < 90%RH
          A milli - V signal or 4 - 20mA standard signal can be input
          Each loop is relatively independent. It is free to connect 2~32 line two wire and three line detectors.
          Advanced embedded microcomputer technology. Automatic switching of main and standby power supply, power supply undervoltage and power failure alarm.
          Automatic charging for standby power. It has clock display function of calendar.
          The adjustment of zeros and fullness can be achieved by controlling the panel buttons.
          FST-EO series of ethylene oxide gas detector is suitable for continuous on-line detection of ethylene oxide concentration in various industrial environment and special environment. The instrument adopts imported electrochemical sensors and micro controller technology, which has the advantages of stable signal, high precision and good repeatability, and the explosion proof connection mode is suitable for various dangerous places. The instrument is compatible with control systems such as control alarm, PLC, DCS and so on. It is widely used in the fields of petrochemical, industrial production, flue gas exhaust environment monitoring, sewage treatment, bio pharmaceutical, home environmental protection, school laboratory and so on. The ethylene oxide detector can be customized for different ranges and accuracy. It has two series of sound and light alarm and silent light alarm.
          Technical parameters: detection gas: ethylene oxide (C2H4O) detection principle: electrochemical sensor principle
          Measurement range: 0-20ppm, 0-100ppm, 0-500ppm resolution: 0.1ppm, 1ppm
          Accuracy: less than or equal to 5% (actual concentration, higher precision depends on specific sensor).
          ? repeatability: < < + 3%. Zero drift: less than + 3% (F.S/). Response time: less than 30 seconds (T90). Recovery time: less than 20 seconds / output signal: users can be determined according to actual requirements.

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